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    An Actuarial calculator for iOS and Android

Why You’ll Love Apptuary

With quick and easy access to all the common calculations and statistical distributions Actuaries need, Apptuary makes it easy to study and calculate figures on-the-go

Single Lives and Joint Lives

Use a wide variety of downloadable life tables to calculate all the common life contingent annuities, for single lives or joint lives.

If Apptuary doesn’t have the life table you need, simply send it to us and we’ll upload it for you to use!

Powerful Features, in your Pocket

No need to carry around a set of formulae and tables – Apptuary is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets

"As an actuarial student, I find this app faster and more extensive than actuarial tables. Great app."
Dave of theresdor (UK)
"As an actuarial student this is a great little pocket guide to help with the exams! Thanks!"
Gravers (UK)
"Great app for most of the distributions actuaries use. A must-have for an actuary of any level"
ChopsueyCP (USA)
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