RPORTR was built by an Actuary, for other insurance professionals, to help with their day-to-day work


Designed from the ground up to be lightning fast, meaning less time waiting and more time exploring

Insights at hand

Run RPORTR on your laptop, your desktop, on a server or in the cloud

Flexible, yet familiar

Tailor the interface to the metrics you want to look at, without being overwhelmed by complexity


Everything in one place

See all the metrics you care about on one screen

See the trends

Understand how your portfolio is changing over time

Get the numbers

An immense amount of detail is there, if you want it

Case Study 1: Finding Unknowns

RPORTR allows the discovery of surprising results.

A large personal lines insurer's Private Motor portfolio was growing, however its profitability was deteriorating over time.

Using RPORTR, the insurer's Motor pricing analyst was able to review, compare and contrast its performance by rating factor.
The analyst soon observed that the 'Park on the Road' segment was growing substantially and had a loss ratio 10% higher than the 'Garaged' segment.

The market was differentiating its pricing using 'Garage Type', however a systems issue meant that this insurer was not, despite collecting this information from its customers.
This meant that 'Park on the Road' was being priced cheaply, stimulating growth and causing the worsening overall performance. Further, 'Garaged' was being over-charged, as it had to cross-subsidise the poorer performance of 'Park on the Road'.

Within a day of starting its search in RPORTR, the insurer had a plan to remove the cross-subsidy and thereby improve the overall profitability position of the portfolio.


Case Study 2: Pricing Reviews

An insurer uses RPORTR as a decisioning tool in its pricing workflow.

At this insurer, Pricing analysts and portfolio managers conduct deep-dive 'pricing workshops', with RPORTR central to the pricing process.

In these workshops, both the short- and long-term profitability, growth and demand of each key segment is considered.

RPORTR's ability to quickly and easily display such different metrics on one screen, allows the efficient agreement of pricing and portfolio decisions for each segment.

The outcome is an agreed set of candidate price changes, ready for impact analysis, final approval and then implementation.

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